Wise Parenting: Am I a Sucker for Technology?


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familyBeing a parent requires a lot of sacrifices. To be straight to the point, one of which is with regard to your use of technology. We have to face it; the influence of technology is ubiquitous. It has managed to vastly improve our lives as individuals and as a family. But, that must not be a reason to be overly dependent on it and let it rule our lives. We still have to value and practice the essentials that apply to parenting that have nothing to do with technology.

Who knows, you might already be taking your parenting responsibilities for granted because of your addiction to tech per se. Just to be sure, why don’t you read on the list below and find out if you really are a tech-addicted parent.

  1. Morning rituals. More and more people have counted on their mobile phones to be their alarm clocks. Of course, once you are awakened by the sound of it, you’ll grab on to your handheld device and turn the alarm off. But if your phone gets you busy even before getting out of bed, then this might be a thing to look into.
  2. Bathroom business. Be it in your own abode or in public restrooms, can’t you take your hands off your phone while doing your bathroom business? Well, it isn’t a surprise why over 16% of mobile devices around the world were seen to have traces of fecal matter. Just imagine the horrors your phone can spread.
  3. Damages. This is pretty obvious; damages will, whether you like it or not, appear on your mobile phone due to overuse no matter if you have a mobile case protection. The wear-and-tear phenomenon just speeds up the more you use your device.
  4. Connectivity. Sources of internet connection have been made available and accessible to people even out of their homes. You can always connect to any public Wi-Fi or use your 3G or 4G technology to stay online. However, if you feel the anxiety and the growing urge to immediately be connected to the internet when there is no means available, then you are absolutely an addict.
  5. The mode of communication you prefer. One sign of addiction to technology is when one texts more than he talks to someone over the phone. Though it’s a fact that texting is a lot cheaper than making calls, the former is without doubt requiring more time to be stuck on your phone, taking so much of your precious time.
  6. Contingents. If you always make it a point that you carry a portable charger with you, then you certainly have some issues. Even if you don’t actually use it, the mere fact that you ready yourself for that event means that your dependency to your phone is already inessential.
  7. Everything about your smartphone. Mobile phones nowadays can be enhanced to act as devices for other devices. Take the function of a remote control for example; there are apps that allow your phone to act as a remote control for your TV. Instead of using the remote itself, you prefer on using your phone to change channels and whatnot. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
  8. The numbers game. This pretty much says if you’re an addict or not: you are if you have more devices than the people living in your house.

Never let technology take over your life. Let it serve its main purpose, which is to make your life easier, no more, no less. Especially now that you are a parent, you should get rid of your practices that suggest addiction to technology. Still, nothing beats a hands-on parent to rear a child the right way.


Cats as the New Supermodels, Fur Real?


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Numerous headlines involving the stars in the limelight have been raved about by news enthusiasts. Have you recently heard about the busiest new model that made history on the runway at the New York Fashion Week? A four-year old Siamese Blue Point rescue cat named Lily was sent down the runway to do the catwalk.

This was a first for the fashion world and for the feline community as well. Additionally, the world’s cutest celebrated kitten, Daisy, had an instant fame across the online society when its owner-photographer Ben Torode posted the images of this adorable kitty online. The 11-month old Traditional Persian kitten seemed to have an example of a rags-to-riches success story. Having been adopted by a Tokyo-based couple, Daisy underwent a wobbly start due to a near death situation. The cat suffered a parasitic infection that almost cost her life, but luckily she recovered from it after being nursed by the couple.

Curious Cat

Ceiling Cat vs Basement Cat

Wilbur the Cat

Yet another feline companion who became phenomenal because of his frequent appearances in several protective covers of tablets and mobile phones, Wilbur came into sight drawing the attention of many active online buyers. Displaying his charismatic looks on distinct attires and poses, Wilbur turned out to be the trend-setter for the next cat-inspired cases that will be produced. Originally conceptualized by the world-class creative designers behind Head Case Designs, the public demand for Wilbur is continuously increasing along with other collections manufactured by Ecell Global, namely: Curious Cats, Ceiling Cat vs. Basement Cat, and Wilbur the Cat.

The Head Case brand does well on attending to the needs of its patrons. The light mood and the jolly spirit this chubby cat brings to every cat lover is something even I would not trade for another thing. Stand out and be proud on your advocacy for our feline friends and grab a set of Wilbur designed mobile back cases from Head Case Designs.

Tablet Cases Galore


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So, you got your all new tablet, eh? Whether it is hard-earned or has been given as a gift, you need to keep it protected. All the more if it has been given by the person you truly love to show your deep appreciation.

Protect it from dust, scratches, and sudden bumps, you say. How are you supposed to protect it? Take a shot with tablet accessories. There are a lot of things you need that aren’t included in the package as you buy your tablet. Spending a pretty penny won’t hurt than the bumps your tablet may experience. So, to spare you from squeezing a diamond out of a charcoal as you worry about the impending incidents that could damage your tablet, you could buy tablet accessories like back cases that go all out for its protection. To lessen the hassle, I have collated the finest designs of protective cases you will surely love, which can be bought either from physical stores or from trusted online mobile stores like E_cell. These back cases offer full protection to your pristine gadget as they are made of high quality and durable gloss coated polycarbonate plastic. They are ultra-thin and lightweight to ensure that they add no bulkiness to your tablet. So, here is the list of top five handpicked hand-gripping cases that you will definitely love:


#1: Head Case Hand Gesture Upside Down Design Protective Hard Back Case

Rock the world upside down with this rockin’ hand gestures! The auto rotation feature of your tablet would definitely love it! There is no way to say this but to shake your tablet upside down and keep rocking! It retails for only £5.95.


#2: Head Case Hot and Cold Opposite Design Protective Snap-on Back Case

 Do you want to be hot and cool at the same time? Try out this cool–at the same–hot design that gives you no stuck-in-a-rut situations just because of choosing which is which! Not that you are bipolar or indecisive, it’s just more of a 2-in-1 package that gets you out of choosing dilemmas. Say no to second thoughts no more as it costs for £9.45 only.


#3: Head Case Old Style Camera Hand Drawn Gadget Design Snap-on Back Case

To draw or to take a picture? I take both with this hand drawn old style camera design that fits perfectly for your tablet! It fits all the more if you are a sucker for taking photographs and drawing as well. Have a click with your tablet’s camera, and let your imagination take you anywhere as you picture this hand-drawn camera come to life with its ridiculously reasonable price of £5.95 only.

4 hc

#4: Head Case Off White Floral Moustache Design Glossy Back Case

You got soft spots for mustachios? Then, this Off White Floral Moustache is surely a must-have for you! Taste three different floral designs of handlebar moustaches right at the back of your tablet. Keep it perky and sexy with this handlebar moustache which you might never be going to let go. Price retails for only £6.19.

5 hc

#5: Head Case Blue Marine Pattern Protective Snap-on Back Case

They say, don’t toll on things too much. But you might want to lower your anchor on this one. This marine inspired design gets you all anchored up, especially if you find Marines flat out awesome! Taste its awesomeness for only £5.95.

Find more great designs on Head Case Designs. You just can’t stop loving it!

Mobile Protective Cases that Can Do More than Just Protection


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We witnessed how mobile phones have undergone life changing innovations and impressive enhancements through the years. They started from standard mobile phones to smartphones which little by little, seized the limelight from computers and personal digital assistants. With everything and more that we demand from our mobile devices nowadays, we are still limited by the shortage of power that their battery could supply, thus the emergence of protective cases with the capability to provide extra energy supply for our mobile phones.

There is no arguing that our latest mobile devices have a decent amount of energy that their batteries can provide, but for most of us who use our devices overtime, their battery life is still not enough. The following items could end that dilemma and even double as a protective case  for your device.

The PowerSkin Case

PowerSkin CaseThe PowerSkin, is a one-piece case that is made of a soft touch silicone rubber that can provide shock and impact protection to your mobile device. This skid-free case will give you a good grip at your phone and a trusty protection to it. But besides protection, this case can also provide a sizable 2000 mAh power supply, having the capability to double the battery life of your phone. At .12grams, this case is lightweight and will not add an additional bulk to your device.

The Mophie Juice Pack Pro

Mophie Juice Pack ProThe Mophie Juice pack Pro is a monster of a case not just because of its 2500 mAh additional power supply but also its capability for heavy duty outdoor protection. This case which is 1.02 inches thick, is resistant to water, dust, impact, and shocks. The case is made up of three layers, the screen protector, the 2500 mAh external battery, and the rubberized outer case. This case is perfect for people who are always on the go and needs that extra power.

The iSolar Plus Solar Powered Charger Case

iSolar Plus Solar Powered Charger CaseThis next case will not just give your phone an extra power push and protection; it also has a very unique feature that is green and environmental friendly, a solar panel. The iSolar Plus is a protective case with an integrated solar panel at the back that allows you to charge your battery from the sun without any other energy source. This battery case is equipped with a 2400 mAh battery which could double the battery life of your mobile device but also double the bulk in your hands, but then again, who needs a sexy sleek phone without power? This battery case charger is among the first charger case to be licensed by the Apple company itself.

Mobile Phone Accessories You Must Have for Your Smartphone!


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Mobile phones have actually ended up being a  component of our daily lives that visualizing one day without these technological blessings would be nothing less than a horror story. Right from keeping us linked to our near and dear ones, delivering messages, capturing our beloved moments, listening to tracks, playing games, scanning the internet, and many others, mobile phones now play a vital function in assisting us to stay linked, be productive at work, and even have fun in a better way. That said, considering how much we enjoy our mobile phones, we need to match them up with mobile accessories that can make them even “smarter.”

  • Mobile Phone Back Cases and Pouches

Head Case Horse Zodiac Animal Design Back Case for Apple iPhone 5 5S

Mobile phones are expensive stuff and even much more so if you have a hi-tech smartphone like the Apple iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S4, or so on and so forth. Thus, mobile phone accessories like cases and bags are crucial for keeping them safe so they avoid blemishes and reduce daily wear and tear. Also, if God forbid, you inadvertently drop your mobile, its case or pouch will be able to absorb the shock and thus considerably lessening the damage. In these times, covers have been available in a lot of eye-catching designs and colors like radiance unaware covers, crystal studded cases, animation and film character bags, and more. These covers are a substantial fashion declaration specifically amongst youngsters. Also, covers and situations could lend an entire face-lift and feel to even aged mobile phones. So these are certainly essential mobile accessories needed for protecting as well as for jazzing up your phone. And if you are looking for back case cover for you phone this site provides quality and very unique design of back case: Head Case Designs

  • Mobile Phone Screen Protector

iPhone 5s Screen Protector

Would you like your phone’s screen to be loaded with unpleasant scrapes? Scrapes could specifically spoil the appearance, texture, and individual encounter of touch screen phones, making them a little much less responsive. Display guards are the most used mobile phone accessories to strengthen mobile screens from scratches due to everyday use and handling. The screen protector can be taken off after a few months when it begins to look aged, which can be replaced by a brand-new one. Practicing this ensures that your phone’s display will continue to look new and glossy. Additionally, when you intend to trade your phone for a brand-new one, great deals of scrapes will just reduce your used phone’s resale worth, so screen guards are a must if you wish your phone to look brand-new and shiny for long.

  • Portable Mobile Phone Charger

Portable Charger

Even the latest and most intelligent mobile phones are no good if their battery runs out, specifically when you’re travelling for vacation or business. In addition, many individuals even have the tendency to fail to remember to charge their mobile phones when in a hurry. Travel battery chargers or car chargers are useful mobile phone accessories to keep with you every time. A portable battery charger lets you connect it to the accessory outlet or the cigarette lighter outlet of your automobile. They are really useful for individuals that are constantly busy with work.

  •  Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth headset

In several places around the world, speaking on mobile phones without using a cordless headset is a culpable crime. Bluetooth headsets are mobile phone accessories that are suitable for active experts that drive a lot and could not pay to miss their job calls. Bluetooth headsets will not just make things a lot easier, but they can also make you safer when you take phone calls while driving; this will certainly also assist you prevent accidents and violation tickets.

  • Extra Mobile Phone Battery

Extra Mobile Phone Battery

An extra mobile phone battery is very helpful when you are travelling long distances and could not charge your phone between stops. Simply take out the discharged battery and change it with your extra one. You can just recharge the other one later on when you reach your destination. Most mobile phone batteries are small, light-weight, and not that expensive depending on your mobile unit.  They can be purchased in so many retail stores around your area, and you can also purchase them online.

Mobile phones have come to be one of our communication media, a simple access to the internet, and a device to capture and play clear video clips and photos. They are really expensive, so it is very important to keep mobile accessories like cases , bags, protectors, and the like that are vital for keeping our mobile devices secure at all times. E_cell is one of the best company in UK that offers quality phone accessories that comes in different brand and designs that may suit your taste.