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Best budget phones 2014Picking a budget friendly phone doesn’t really mean that you’ll purchase a phone with low specs. Over the years, these mobile devices have blossomed into smartphones with a smaller price. So for those who can’t afford to buy the best smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you may find the budget phone you want on the list of budget friendly smartphones mentioned below.

Currently, there are manufacturers in the market today that offer mobile phones with quality specs but also come in a low price. These phones contain the same features that you’ll find on advanced smartphones. These are usually cheap because they have been stocked for some time or they probably lack few special features that you will see on expensive smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy PhonesSamsung unveiled new budget friendly smartphones to cater those who can’t stretch their wallet for those expensive smartphones on the market. Now, whether you are rich or poor, Samsung has you covered with a device that will definitely fit your need. They recently launched their new line of budget phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4, Galaxy Core II, Galaxy Young 2 and Galaxy Star 2. These smartphones may all be running the latest version of Android with a lightweight version of TouchWiz. Also, the camera and other features are improved on these devices.

But if in case you are not satisfied with their features, you may purchase some high end accessories to make your smartphones look awesome and perform just how you want it to be. There are several accessories out in the market today in which you can purchase like the detachable camera lenses that can make your images looks like it was taken by a pro. You may also want to add a remarkable piece of device like microscope. This Catalyst Frame microscope lets you turn your smartphone into a literally a microscope. With the help of these amazing accessories, your budget phone will transform into an awesome piece of mobile device.

You don’t have to buy an expensive smartphone especially if you can’t really stretch your wallet for it, just choose the best budget phone that will suit your wants and needs so you can enjoy your phone without forcing your wallets and bank accounts. These new lines of budget friendly smartphones may be one of the smartphones that you’re looking for. With their specs and features, these smartphones will surely be a hit to those consumers with lower budget for a smartphone.