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iOS 8 and Android LollipopIt’s that time of the year again where giant mobile brands show-off their big guns for the world to see and crave for. Companies like Apple and Google are rumoured to release their smartphone flagships sooner or later this year. With internet chitchats here and there about Apple’s iPhone 6 and Google’s Nexus 6, it’s just reasonable to accompany these amazing phones with an Operating System (OS) as grand as its platform. There’s also the release of new tech inventions for smartphone later this year or early next year and everyone’s expecting that these will be iOS 8 and Android Lollipop friendly. We’ll see in a couple of months then. Now it’s a question of which has the bigger gun?

iOS 8 takes a familiar path as Android

As iOS 8 takes its limelight this coming fall, many tech geeks approve of Apple’s new found freedom. Android became a favourable operating system because of its leniency to open source and third party apps. It’s like a one big happy community of developers and users. And now, Apple is rumoured to adapt that kind of environment by giving developers amazing perks to work on with—i.e. tools and significant iOS access to create more apps for the demanding digital needs of Apple users. With iOS 8 taking the competition higher, Android should develop new features to keep the dice rolling on their side.

Indulge into iOS 8’s sweet treats

It seems Android is not the only one testing our sweet tooth. Apple has prepared a what-to-expect page of its iOS features, and we can’t wait to dig in our teeth. With the new iOS 8, every photo, edit, album can now be viewed on all your iDevices, so shifting from your iPhone to your iPad to your MacBook has never been so convenient. Apple also improved its health and fitness aspects by integrating these two into an easy-to-read data dashboard your trainer or doctor will surely thank you for. It is even anticipated that iOS 8 will allow the iPhone camera to be a credit card scanner via Safari browser. This is great news for those who love online shopping. The keyboard and touch ID were also reconditioned, so expect a better typing experience and added security on some apps.

Android Lollipop: Rumour Mill

It is not yet confirmed whether the new Android operating system will be named 4.5 or 5.0, but this new update will definitely send us to La La Land. There are a lot of rumours, expectations, and wish lists roaming around the internet. Here is a quick rundown of Android’s next OS which we’ll assume be named Lollipop. Android Lollipop is rumoured to have a flatter and cleaner look with redesigned familiar icons like Gmail, Maps, Hangouts, Youtube, Play Store and calendar. Google Babble is also developed into a one-stop rendezvous of communication services. It’ll be like a cross-brand combo of Google Talk, Hangout, Messenger and more, all in one Babble umbrella. Now that’s how you stay connected. A better battery life, a more user friendly fingerprint scanner and face unlock are just few amazing improvements which await you in the next Android OS expected to be released this coming July.