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Samsung Galaxy S5Bigger, powerful, competent, and with a whole new user interface, that’s how I define the new member of the Galaxy S series, the Samsung Galaxy S5. By taking a step back, Samsung has crafted one of the best Android phones today. And perhaps, most surprisingly, it is the Galaxy phone I’d actually want to use.


Samsung made the Galaxy S5 look quite different from its predecessor the Galaxy S4, this includes the bigger and better 5’1-inch screen that gives you extremely crisp and colourful images with high contrast and hard edges. Aside from the huge screen is its plastic body, a dimple-pattern back panel and a metal-like ring that wraps around the edges of the phone. There might be a few reasons behind this plastic body of the Galaxy S5, the cost of manufacture could be one, but it could also be because of its water resistant feature. They might choose to keep it lighter because perhaps waterproofing with a metal shell could have been more difficult.

Faster than ever

As you might expect, Galaxy S5 is fast, very fast in fact. This smartphone rocks a quad-core Snapdragon 801 (2.5GHz) and a 2GB of RAM. The added horsepower makes navigating the Galaxy S5 snappy and responsive; loading times of apps is faster than its predecessor like in page scrolling, gaming and various other animations. Overall performance is excellent; it is indeed faster than its predecessor in all significant areas.


Samsung has a history of making smartphones with good cameras. This is one of the reasons why users choose Samsung over other known brands in the market. This time, Samsung evolved from its predecessor to give you clearer and outstanding results. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 16-megapixel rear camera, with optional stabilisation, supported by an LED flash. Great things about this smartphone as well are the following:

  • Selective Focus Mode – Blur images near or far for a creative and a one of a kind shot
  • Fast Auto Focus – Helps you capture important moments of movement quickly and in focus
  • HDR – This helps you capture photos and makes them look natural even when there’s strong counterlight or when the subject is shaded.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Water Resistance Test

Image by phonearena.com

Samsung managed to add this feature without increasing its size or bulkiness. Although the back panel itself is now a bit thicker (just a bit thicker and is not really an issue). It accommodates a rubber to seal in the battery, SIM Slot and the other holes in the back making the Galaxy S5 water and dust-resistant. However, you still have to be mindful of the plastic flap that protects the micro USB. Water still can get through and may result of damaging your phone if left open.

Smartwatch Connectivity

The evolution of smartwatches boasts a handful of features like voice command that lets you reply to text messages, and of course, make a hands free call. This innovative tech wearable’s most important function is to keep you notified with your phone’s latest activities without pulling it out of your pocket at the same time keeping you on the go.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 hits all the important features that a smartphone should have: an enormous camera, excellent display, high-speed processor and its special features like its water resistance and fingerprint sensor. As it stands with what we’ve got right now, Galaxy S5 is definitely one excellent smartphone. So if you’re currently looking for a good smartphone, the Galaxy S5 might be the right one for you.