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So, you just bought your new iPhone or probably just upgraded to an iOS 7. Great! You feel cool and well, proud. Needless to say, you have to buy accessories for your iPhone in order for you to maximize it’s genuinely entertaining prowess. But did I forget to mention that iPhone accessories do not come cheap? Well, it’s made by Apple, as in A-P-P-L-E, this name comes with a price.

If you are saving yourself some bucks, you probably won’t go to the Apple store, the most obvious one is to go to online stores or probably set a meetup with someone you know (and trust) and buy a preloved/second-hand/used accessory, whatever you call it. You might also want to buy a new one for a lower price.

However, in buying iPhone accessories, specifically Connectivity Cable, not directly from Apple also means having the risk of buying fake ones. Nowadays, it is hard to tell the difference between a genuine and a knockoff Lightning cable since manufacturers of fake iPhone accessories are getting smarter too. It will be harder for a new iPhone user.

Here are some tips to remember to ensure that you are buying a genuine Lightning cable:

Of course, everybody knows your Lightning cable is your iPhone’s BFF, so you should be buying only original ones.

First, take a look at the 12 or 14-digit serial number. It is imprinted next to “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China. You can find it about seven inches from the USB connector. Usually, the knockoffs don’t have this and if they do, the shade is usually dark grey.

Apple products have a serial number on them

USB cable

Also, examine Lightning connector. This might give you a hard time, but if you’re going to look at it closely, you can see that the original one on the right has a perfectly rounded corner while the white piece of the fake one is somewhat squared. Also, the fake one is slightly longer than the original.

Lightning connector
Lightning connector

USB Plug

USB plug

If you are going to examine the metals, you can see the difference. The knockoff on the left has grainier finish compared to the original one. It has something to do with the quality of the metals used in the USB plug. Genuine Apple products have high-quality materials compared to knockoffs.

iOS 7

Who would have guessed that the greatest help would come from your iPhone itself? Yes, if your iPhone is already running on the latest iOS 7, your iPhone can detect fake lightning cables. Thanks to built-in authentication chips of certified Lightning cables. Your iPhone won’t charge and will display a warning message once you plugged in a fake Lightning cable. Now, that’s what you call a genius blocking.


A warning message from your iPhone if you are using a non-certified accessory

Oh wait, there are rumors that Apple iPhone 6 is coming to town this year. Who knows if this new device will help you even more in spotting fake accessories?