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While Steve Jobs may have left the most famous Apple Company for good, Apple does not stop making iPhone die hard fans crave for more of the well-known smartphone. Apple continues Steve Jobs’ legacy in providing consumers a one-of-a-kind smartphone experience as rumours about the release of the anticipated Apple iPhone 6 has been a hot potato.

From a personal computer kit as their first product, now comes the Apple iPhone 6, Apple never failed to surprise and satisfy consumers with high-rolling features one smartphone can offer. Features are not the only thing an Apple iPhone can boast, but also its sophisticated style and portability.

Much has progressed when it comes to Apple iPhones. Starting from the Apple iPhone 1st generation, now Apple is set to welcome its new baby, the much talked about Apple iPhone 6. Rumours about the new Apple iPhone have spread like a wildfire. Previews, press releases, and all sorts of what-not have come to the attention of consumers. So what does the ever loyal users of Apple iPhones have to expect with the Apple iPhone 6?

iPhone 6 Concept One thing that sets apart Apple iPhones from other smartphones is its elegant physical appearance, so should we expect a change on its physicality? iPhones, especially the latest models have had their screen with just a bit of difference in their sizes. But could it be true that the much awaited Apple iPhone 6 will bear a much larger screen than the usual, and that Apple will release two versions of the Apple iPhone 6 with different sizes? Images have got about the net showing what could possibly be a larger screen and a thinner depth. That said, can we then bank on for Apple iPhone 6 to feast our eyes with brighter and clearer images with HD resolutions? Or could it just be one of the existing iPhones bearing almost the same screen size and resolutions?

Well, here’s another deal that will just make you think of switching to Apple iPhone 6, or not. Bizarre as it may sound, articles say that the Apple iPhone 6 will boast a screen made of Sapphire. Yes, you read that right. A screen made of Sapphire. Whilst having a screen made of Sapphire means a scratch resistant screen and a tougher one, having a Sapphire screen also has its cons. Sapphire is a lot heavier than the Gorilla Glass used with other smartphones and is environmentally unfriendly. Plus, it costs a lot more expensive than the usual materials used with the existing smartphone screens.

Now let’s come to what the Apple iPhone 6 has in store for us when it comes to its features. Everyone’s aware how Apple has helped people making lives a lot more convenient. So what could be another aid Apple can possibly give us? The iPhone 6 could possibly be geared up with its own barometer allowing people to monitor weather condition. Its camera as well is rumoured to have an upgrade. Front cameras will be having their censors as well.

Its Wi-Fi features will be upgraded too. Rumours spread that the iPhone 6 will have a faster WiFi with an increased coverage by up to 30%, plus making your iPhone power efficient.

So how about wireless charging? Now, that’s a lot more convenient. A little hearsay says that Apple is planning to introduce wireless charging starting with the iPhone 6. But wait, wireless charging isn’t the only thing new with the Apple iPhone 6. The said iPhone to be released was rumoured to have an Apple stylus which is definitely new for iPhone users given that the previous Apple products never had a stylus.

A lot of tittle-tattle has spread around the net relating to the release of the Apple iPhone 6 and all the cutting-edge features it could offer. Articles, press releases and rumours are indeed compelling and make you think of spending a lot of breads just to have one. But wait for the official release of the Apple iPhone 6 and maybe then you can decide if the entire buzz about it is palpable or just a mere hearsay, and think again if all the breads you are willing to spend for it will be worth it.