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The world is full of thrills, excitement, and so as incapacitating dangers. Truly, the world is no longer a safe place to live in.  Gone are the days when you can wander around aimlessly in every street corner without worries. Nowadays, you have to be vigilant and on your guard in order to defeat or flee from the forces of evil—or merely the people who intend to do you harm.

Statistics around the U.S. shows that there is 1 property crime happening every 3 seconds, 1 burglary every 10 seconds, 1 violent crime every 20 seconds, 1 grave assault every 35 seconds, 1 robbery every minute, and 1 forcible rape every 2 minutes. With all these figures, safety is common no more. This is the very reason why learning self-defense or purchasing a reliable weapon to repel offenders is so essential. But not everybody is cut out to be a martial arts expert, so what the rest of us should do is to have something to defend us that is easy and safe to use.

When you’re in the flash of a dangerous, traumatic experience, the only form of defense is that which is within your reach. Seth Froom, president and co-founder of the Yellow Jacket, says, “Why not take the most common device a person carries—his smarphone—and combine it with a protective element?” Typical phone cases you find on the market only protect the phone itself, but wouldn’t it be great if it, too, can keep you out of harm’s way? Due to the ubiquitous nature of phones, you can be able to rely on them, but how? According to the CTIA, “Most smartphone users are never more than three (3) feet away from their phone.” This is why these handheld devices are considered the most potential source of defense when one needs it the most.

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Whenever you stroll around the mall or browse in online stores for mobile accessories, you get to see a variety of stunning iPhone cases, but nothing else takes it literally than the Yellow Jacket Case. This case is made of a durable PC and ABS hard plastic material that can protect your phone from damage against cracks, breaks, and drops. Once its main feature is activated, it can deliver a loud, bright 650,000-volt stun gun that produces a painful sting directed to your attacker. The case has 2 safety features that can help you prevent accidental discharge, and yet the weapon can be deployed in an instant when you need it the most.

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Not only does it promote your safety; it also increases the battery life of your device. The case packs a built-in 1800 mAh lithium polymer battery that can recharge your iPhone 5s when connected; it can virtually double the battery life of your device. This newly improved Yellow Jacket Case for the latest Apple flagship phone delivers 30 percent more stun gun voltage and amperage compared to the iPhone 4/4s model, which retails for $99. Due to the handful significant improvements made to the newer model, it is expected to cost $149, which will be launched in February 2014.

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The Yellow Jacket Case awesomely provides you with a 3 in 1 benefit. Once you have this on your iPhone 5s, you will find yourself with a stronger sense of security than if you are completely unarmed, whether you’re outdoors or within the comforts of your own home. Protect your phone and your life with the Yellow Jacket Case.