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familyBeing a parent requires a lot of sacrifices. To be straight to the point, one of which is with regard to your use of technology. We have to face it; the influence of technology is ubiquitous. It has managed to vastly improve our lives as individuals and as a family. But, that must not be a reason to be overly dependent on it and let it rule our lives. We still have to value and practice the essentials that apply to parenting that have nothing to do with technology.

Who knows, you might already be taking your parenting responsibilities for granted because of your addiction to tech per se. Just to be sure, why don’t you read on the list below and find out if you really are a tech-addicted parent.

  1. Morning rituals. More and more people have counted on their mobile phones to be their alarm clocks. Of course, once you are awakened by the sound of it, you’ll grab on to your handheld device and turn the alarm off. But if your phone gets you busy even before getting out of bed, then this might be a thing to look into.
  2. Bathroom business. Be it in your own abode or in public restrooms, can’t you take your hands off your phone while doing your bathroom business? Well, it isn’t a surprise why over 16% of mobile devices around the world were seen to have traces of fecal matter. Just imagine the horrors your phone can spread.
  3. Damages. This is pretty obvious; damages will, whether you like it or not, appear on your mobile phone due to overuse no matter if you have a mobile case protection. The wear-and-tear phenomenon just speeds up the more you use your device.
  4. Connectivity. Sources of internet connection have been made available and accessible to people even out of their homes. You can always connect to any public Wi-Fi or use your 3G or 4G technology to stay online. However, if you feel the anxiety and the growing urge to immediately be connected to the internet when there is no means available, then you are absolutely an addict.
  5. The mode of communication you prefer. One sign of addiction to technology is when one texts more than he talks to someone over the phone. Though it’s a fact that texting is a lot cheaper than making calls, the former is without doubt requiring more time to be stuck on your phone, taking so much of your precious time.
  6. Contingents. If you always make it a point that you carry a portable charger with you, then you certainly have some issues. Even if you don’t actually use it, the mere fact that you ready yourself for that event means that your dependency to your phone is already inessential.
  7. Everything about your smartphone. Mobile phones nowadays can be enhanced to act as devices for other devices. Take the function of a remote control for example; there are apps that allow your phone to act as a remote control for your TV. Instead of using the remote itself, you prefer on using your phone to change channels and whatnot. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
  8. The numbers game. This pretty much says if you’re an addict or not: you are if you have more devices than the people living in your house.

Never let technology take over your life. Let it serve its main purpose, which is to make your life easier, no more, no less. Especially now that you are a parent, you should get rid of your practices that suggest addiction to technology. Still, nothing beats a hands-on parent to rear a child the right way.