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Numerous headlines involving the stars in the limelight have been raved about by news enthusiasts. Have you recently heard about the busiest new model that made history on the runway at the New York Fashion Week? A four-year old Siamese Blue Point rescue cat named Lily was sent down the runway to do the catwalk.

This was a first for the fashion world and for the feline community as well. Additionally, the world’s cutest celebrated kitten, Daisy, had an instant fame across the online society when its owner-photographer Ben Torode posted the images of this adorable kitty online. The 11-month old Traditional Persian kitten seemed to have an example of a rags-to-riches success story. Having been adopted by a Tokyo-based couple, Daisy underwent a wobbly start due to a near death situation. The cat suffered a parasitic infection that almost cost her life, but luckily she recovered from it after being nursed by the couple.

Curious Cat

Ceiling Cat vs Basement Cat

Wilbur the Cat

Yet another feline companion who became phenomenal because of his frequent appearances in several protective covers of tablets and mobile phones, Wilbur came into sight drawing the attention of many active online buyers. Displaying his charismatic looks on distinct attires and poses, Wilbur turned out to be the trend-setter for the next cat-inspired cases that will be produced. Originally conceptualized by the world-class creative designers behind Head Case Designs, the public demand for Wilbur is continuously increasing along with other collections manufactured by Ecell Global, namely: Curious Cats, Ceiling Cat vs. Basement Cat, and Wilbur the Cat.

The Head Case brand does well on attending to the needs of its patrons. The light mood and the jolly spirit this chubby cat brings to every cat lover is something even I would not trade for another thing. Stand out and be proud on your advocacy for our feline friends and grab a set of Wilbur designed mobile back cases from Head Case Designs.