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So, you got your all new tablet, eh? Whether it is hard-earned or has been given as a gift, you need to keep it protected. All the more if it has been given by the person you truly love to show your deep appreciation.

Protect it from dust, scratches, and sudden bumps, you say. How are you supposed to protect it? Take a shot with tablet accessories. There are a lot of things you need that aren’t included in the package as you buy your tablet. Spending a pretty penny won’t hurt than the bumps your tablet may experience. So, to spare you from squeezing a diamond out of a charcoal as you worry about the impending incidents that could damage your tablet, you could buy tablet accessories like back cases that go all out for its protection. To lessen the hassle, I have collated the finest designs of protective cases you will surely love, which can be bought either from physical stores or from trusted online mobile stores like E_cell. These back cases offer full protection to your pristine gadget as they are made of high quality and durable gloss coated polycarbonate plastic. They are ultra-thin and lightweight to ensure that they add no bulkiness to your tablet. So, here is the list of top five handpicked hand-gripping cases that you will definitely love:


#1: Head Case Hand Gesture Upside Down Design Protective Hard Back Case

Rock the world upside down with this rockin’ hand gestures! The auto rotation feature of your tablet would definitely love it! There is no way to say this but to shake your tablet upside down and keep rocking! It retails for only £5.95.


#2: Head Case Hot and Cold Opposite Design Protective Snap-on Back Case

 Do you want to be hot and cool at the same time? Try out this cool–at the same–hot design that gives you no stuck-in-a-rut situations just because of choosing which is which! Not that you are bipolar or indecisive, it’s just more of a 2-in-1 package that gets you out of choosing dilemmas. Say no to second thoughts no more as it costs for £9.45 only.


#3: Head Case Old Style Camera Hand Drawn Gadget Design Snap-on Back Case

To draw or to take a picture? I take both with this hand drawn old style camera design that fits perfectly for your tablet! It fits all the more if you are a sucker for taking photographs and drawing as well. Have a click with your tablet’s camera, and let your imagination take you anywhere as you picture this hand-drawn camera come to life with its ridiculously reasonable price of £5.95 only.

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#4: Head Case Off White Floral Moustache Design Glossy Back Case

You got soft spots for mustachios? Then, this Off White Floral Moustache is surely a must-have for you! Taste three different floral designs of handlebar moustaches right at the back of your tablet. Keep it perky and sexy with this handlebar moustache which you might never be going to let go. Price retails for only £6.19.

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#5: Head Case Blue Marine Pattern Protective Snap-on Back Case

They say, don’t toll on things too much. But you might want to lower your anchor on this one. This marine inspired design gets you all anchored up, especially if you find Marines flat out awesome! Taste its awesomeness for only £5.95.

Find more great designs on Head Case Designs. You just can’t stop loving it!