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We witnessed how mobile phones have undergone life changing innovations and impressive enhancements through the years. They started from standard mobile phones to smartphones which little by little, seized the limelight from computers and personal digital assistants. With everything and more that we demand from our mobile devices nowadays, we are still limited by the shortage of power that their battery could supply, thus the emergence of protective cases with the capability to provide extra energy supply for our mobile phones.

There is no arguing that our latest mobile devices have a decent amount of energy that their batteries can provide, but for most of us who use our devices overtime, their battery life is still not enough. The following items could end that dilemma and even double as a protective caseĀ  for your device.

The PowerSkin Case

PowerSkin CaseThe PowerSkin, is a one-piece case that is made of a soft touch silicone rubber that can provide shock and impact protection to your mobile device. This skid-free case will give you a good grip at your phone and a trusty protection to it. But besides protection, this case can also provide a sizable 2000 mAh power supply, having the capability to double the battery life of your phone. At .12grams, this case is lightweight and will not add an additional bulk to your device.

The Mophie Juice Pack Pro

Mophie Juice Pack ProThe Mophie Juice pack Pro is a monster of a case not just because of its 2500 mAh additional power supply but also its capability for heavy duty outdoor protection. This case which is 1.02 inches thick, is resistant to water, dust, impact, and shocks. The case is made up of three layers, the screen protector, the 2500 mAh external battery, and the rubberized outer case. This case is perfect for people who are always on the go and needs that extra power.

The iSolar Plus Solar Powered Charger Case

iSolar Plus Solar Powered Charger CaseThis next case will not just give your phone an extra power push and protection; it also has a very unique feature that is green and environmental friendly, a solar panel. The iSolar Plus is a protective case with an integrated solar panel at the back that allows you to charge your battery from the sun without any other energy source. This battery case is equipped with a 2400 mAh battery which could double the battery life of your mobile device but also double the bulk in your hands, but then again, who needs a sexy sleek phone without power? This battery case charger is among the first charger case to be licensed by the Apple company itself.