Budget Friendly Smartphones


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Best budget phones 2014Picking a budget friendly phone doesn’t really mean that you’ll purchase a phone with low specs. Over the years, these mobile devices have blossomed into smartphones with a smaller price. So for those who can’t afford to buy the best smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you may find the budget phone you want on the list of budget friendly smartphones mentioned below.

Currently, there are manufacturers in the market today that offer mobile phones with quality specs but also come in a low price. These phones contain the same features that you’ll find on advanced smartphones. These are usually cheap because they have been stocked for some time or they probably lack few special features that you will see on expensive smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy PhonesSamsung unveiled new budget friendly smartphones to cater those who can’t stretch their wallet for those expensive smartphones on the market. Now, whether you are rich or poor, Samsung has you covered with a device that will definitely fit your need. They recently launched their new line of budget phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4, Galaxy Core II, Galaxy Young 2 and Galaxy Star 2. These smartphones may all be running the latest version of Android with a lightweight version of TouchWiz. Also, the camera and other features are improved on these devices.

But if in case you are not satisfied with their features, you may purchase some high end accessories to make your smartphones look awesome and perform just how you want it to be. There are several accessories out in the market today in which you can purchase like the detachable camera lenses that can make your images looks like it was taken by a pro. You may also want to add a remarkable piece of device like microscope. This Catalyst Frame microscope lets you turn your smartphone into a literally a microscope. With the help of these amazing accessories, your budget phone will transform into an awesome piece of mobile device.

You don’t have to buy an expensive smartphone especially if you can’t really stretch your wallet for it, just choose the best budget phone that will suit your wants and needs so you can enjoy your phone without forcing your wallets and bank accounts. These new lines of budget friendly smartphones may be one of the smartphones that you’re looking for. With their specs and features, these smartphones will surely be a hit to those consumers with lower budget for a smartphone.


Rumours about Apple iOS 8 and Google Android 4.5/5.0


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iOS 8 and Android LollipopIt’s that time of the year again where giant mobile brands show-off their big guns for the world to see and crave for. Companies like Apple and Google are rumoured to release their smartphone flagships sooner or later this year. With internet chitchats here and there about Apple’s iPhone 6 and Google’s Nexus 6, it’s just reasonable to accompany these amazing phones with an Operating System (OS) as grand as its platform. There’s also the release of new tech inventions for smartphone later this year or early next year and everyone’s expecting that these will be iOS 8 and Android Lollipop friendly. We’ll see in a couple of months then. Now it’s a question of which has the bigger gun?

iOS 8 takes a familiar path as Android

As iOS 8 takes its limelight this coming fall, many tech geeks approve of Apple’s new found freedom. Android became a favourable operating system because of its leniency to open source and third party apps. It’s like a one big happy community of developers and users. And now, Apple is rumoured to adapt that kind of environment by giving developers amazing perks to work on with—i.e. tools and significant iOS access to create more apps for the demanding digital needs of Apple users. With iOS 8 taking the competition higher, Android should develop new features to keep the dice rolling on their side.

Indulge into iOS 8’s sweet treats

It seems Android is not the only one testing our sweet tooth. Apple has prepared a what-to-expect page of its iOS features, and we can’t wait to dig in our teeth. With the new iOS 8, every photo, edit, album can now be viewed on all your iDevices, so shifting from your iPhone to your iPad to your MacBook has never been so convenient. Apple also improved its health and fitness aspects by integrating these two into an easy-to-read data dashboard your trainer or doctor will surely thank you for. It is even anticipated that iOS 8 will allow the iPhone camera to be a credit card scanner via Safari browser. This is great news for those who love online shopping. The keyboard and touch ID were also reconditioned, so expect a better typing experience and added security on some apps.

Android Lollipop: Rumour Mill

It is not yet confirmed whether the new Android operating system will be named 4.5 or 5.0, but this new update will definitely send us to La La Land. There are a lot of rumours, expectations, and wish lists roaming around the internet. Here is a quick rundown of Android’s next OS which we’ll assume be named Lollipop. Android Lollipop is rumoured to have a flatter and cleaner look with redesigned familiar icons like Gmail, Maps, Hangouts, Youtube, Play Store and calendar. Google Babble is also developed into a one-stop rendezvous of communication services. It’ll be like a cross-brand combo of Google Talk, Hangout, Messenger and more, all in one Babble umbrella. Now that’s how you stay connected. A better battery life, a more user friendly fingerprint scanner and face unlock are just few amazing improvements which await you in the next Android OS expected to be released this coming July.

Will Samsung Galaxy S5 be the right phone for you?


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Samsung Galaxy S5Bigger, powerful, competent, and with a whole new user interface, that’s how I define the new member of the Galaxy S series, the Samsung Galaxy S5. By taking a step back, Samsung has crafted one of the best Android phones today. And perhaps, most surprisingly, it is the Galaxy phone I’d actually want to use.


Samsung made the Galaxy S5 look quite different from its predecessor the Galaxy S4, this includes the bigger and better 5’1-inch screen that gives you extremely crisp and colourful images with high contrast and hard edges. Aside from the huge screen is its plastic body, a dimple-pattern back panel and a metal-like ring that wraps around the edges of the phone. There might be a few reasons behind this plastic body of the Galaxy S5, the cost of manufacture could be one, but it could also be because of its water resistant feature. They might choose to keep it lighter because perhaps waterproofing with a metal shell could have been more difficult.

Faster than ever

As you might expect, Galaxy S5 is fast, very fast in fact. This smartphone rocks a quad-core Snapdragon 801 (2.5GHz) and a 2GB of RAM. The added horsepower makes navigating the Galaxy S5 snappy and responsive; loading times of apps is faster than its predecessor like in page scrolling, gaming and various other animations. Overall performance is excellent; it is indeed faster than its predecessor in all significant areas.


Samsung has a history of making smartphones with good cameras. This is one of the reasons why users choose Samsung over other known brands in the market. This time, Samsung evolved from its predecessor to give you clearer and outstanding results. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 16-megapixel rear camera, with optional stabilisation, supported by an LED flash. Great things about this smartphone as well are the following:

  • Selective Focus Mode – Blur images near or far for a creative and a one of a kind shot
  • Fast Auto Focus – Helps you capture important moments of movement quickly and in focus
  • HDR – This helps you capture photos and makes them look natural even when there’s strong counterlight or when the subject is shaded.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Water Resistance Test

Image by phonearena.com

Samsung managed to add this feature without increasing its size or bulkiness. Although the back panel itself is now a bit thicker (just a bit thicker and is not really an issue). It accommodates a rubber to seal in the battery, SIM Slot and the other holes in the back making the Galaxy S5 water and dust-resistant. However, you still have to be mindful of the plastic flap that protects the micro USB. Water still can get through and may result of damaging your phone if left open.

Smartwatch Connectivity

The evolution of smartwatches boasts a handful of features like voice command that lets you reply to text messages, and of course, make a hands free call. This innovative tech wearable’s most important function is to keep you notified with your phone’s latest activities without pulling it out of your pocket at the same time keeping you on the go.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 hits all the important features that a smartphone should have: an enormous camera, excellent display, high-speed processor and its special features like its water resistance and fingerprint sensor. As it stands with what we’ve got right now, Galaxy S5 is definitely one excellent smartphone. So if you’re currently looking for a good smartphone, the Galaxy S5 might be the right one for you.

Mobile Phones to look forward to this mid-2014


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We’re almost on the second half of the year and the tech world is just about as busy and unpredictably dynamic as any other colossal industry beaming with cutthroat competition. It’s always exciting to anticipate how the world’s mobile giants race at full speed to the rather invisible finish line. One day we have one device our fingers binge-swipe on, then the next day we’re introduced to a totally different (or maybe even cooler) mobile device. Before we get hyped up by all that speaks “new”, let’s take a quick look at some of the most talked about and anticipated mobile phones this second half of 2014.

Nokia Lumia 630Nokia Lumia 630 – (release date: May 2014) Nokia, being the mobile giant that it has come to be, is not quite done yet with its showcase of affordable but features-packed mobile devices. Just this month, Nokia released its new Windows phone, dubbed as one which gives out “the best Windows Phone experience ever”. This 9.2mm-thick mobile phone boasts its Word Flow typing technology which is considered as one of the world’s fastest keyboard. If you’re typing a word, all you need to do is swipe the first letter of the word you wish to type then slide through the rest of the letters of the word. Aside from this otherworldly feature, the phone runs on the Windows Phone 8.1 OS so you can only expect insanely fast processing speeds.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Active  – (unofficial release date: 2nd quarter of the year) Taking inspiration from the much celebrated Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S5 Active is rumored to have a 5.2-inch 1080p display but it will still retain the flagship model’s 16-megapixel camera. With its predecessor having a water and dust-resistant body, we can expect that the S5 Active will also sport the exact same rock-hard build. The phone is rumored to be IP58-certified giving it the capability of being submerged underwater for about thirty minutes. Now that’s one unparalled mobile spectacle right there!


LG G3 – (unofficial release date: 4th quarter of the year)If you’re a fan of the LG G series, then you should know that the LG G2 is by far one of the best smartphones out in the market today. But that would probably have to be reconsidered as the LG G3 is bound to hit stores in a few days. The LG G3 is rumored to sport an expansive 5.5-inch Quad HD display and is expected to run on the latest Android OS KitKat. The phone is also set to have the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which would only make for an efficient and well-protected mobile use.

sony-xperia-m2Sony Xperia M2 – (release date: May 2014)The Sony Xperia M2 is a mid-range Xperia smartphone which runs on a 1.2GHz quad-core chipset and sports a relatively expansive 4.8-inch display. The phone is equipped with an 8-Megapixel Exmor RS and HDR-enabled rear-facing camera. The phone flaunts the classic Xperia build which mostly banks on sleekness, ease of use, and general aesthetic appeal.

iPhone-6-conceptApple iPhone (2014) – (unofficial release date: September 2014) – If there’s one mobile device that’s getting a huge amount of public attention, it must be Apple’s would-be smartphone frontrunner, the rumored next-generation Apple iPhone (reports would give us iPhone 6 as the device’s official name). The device’s market release and well, including its conception, albeit unofficial, has drawn much attention considering its celebrated and highly-patronized roots. With its rumored entry in the market, we can assume that many iPhone accessories and applications would also hit the market. Taking into account Apple’s ingenuity in providing its customers with high-end products, the Apple iPhone 6 is surely a device to get hold of!

We are in a generation wherein one gets to choose whatever means they want their mobile needs met. But by whatever means we mean mobile devices that only warrant efficiency and unhindered mobile ingenuity.

How To Ensure That You Are Getting The Real Thing: Spotting Fake Apple Lightning Cable


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So, you just bought your new iPhone or probably just upgraded to an iOS 7. Great! You feel cool and well, proud. Needless to say, you have to buy accessories for your iPhone in order for you to maximize it’s genuinely entertaining prowess. But did I forget to mention that iPhone accessories do not come cheap? Well, it’s made by Apple, as in A-P-P-L-E, this name comes with a price.

If you are saving yourself some bucks, you probably won’t go to the Apple store, the most obvious one is to go to online stores or probably set a meetup with someone you know (and trust) and buy a preloved/second-hand/used accessory, whatever you call it. You might also want to buy a new one for a lower price.

However, in buying iPhone accessories, specifically Connectivity Cable, not directly from Apple also means having the risk of buying fake ones. Nowadays, it is hard to tell the difference between a genuine and a knockoff Lightning cable since manufacturers of fake iPhone accessories are getting smarter too. It will be harder for a new iPhone user.

Here are some tips to remember to ensure that you are buying a genuine Lightning cable:

Of course, everybody knows your Lightning cable is your iPhone’s BFF, so you should be buying only original ones.

First, take a look at the 12 or 14-digit serial number. It is imprinted next to “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China. You can find it about seven inches from the USB connector. Usually, the knockoffs don’t have this and if they do, the shade is usually dark grey.

Apple products have a serial number on them

USB cable

Also, examine Lightning connector. This might give you a hard time, but if you’re going to look at it closely, you can see that the original one on the right has a perfectly rounded corner while the white piece of the fake one is somewhat squared. Also, the fake one is slightly longer than the original.

Lightning connector
Lightning connector

USB Plug

USB plug

If you are going to examine the metals, you can see the difference. The knockoff on the left has grainier finish compared to the original one. It has something to do with the quality of the metals used in the USB plug. Genuine Apple products have high-quality materials compared to knockoffs.

iOS 7

Who would have guessed that the greatest help would come from your iPhone itself? Yes, if your iPhone is already running on the latest iOS 7, your iPhone can detect fake lightning cables. Thanks to built-in authentication chips of certified Lightning cables. Your iPhone won’t charge and will display a warning message once you plugged in a fake Lightning cable. Now, that’s what you call a genius blocking.


A warning message from your iPhone if you are using a non-certified accessory

Oh wait, there are rumors that Apple iPhone 6 is coming to town this year. Who knows if this new device will help you even more in spotting fake accessories?

The Bigger, the Better: Oppo Find 7’s Camera Can Shoot 50-Megapixel Images



The smartphone industry was greatly astounded when the 41-megapixel camera smartphone Nokia Lumia 1020 was released on the market. The device became an instrument in creating a competition in the industry in producing an imaging apparatus that captures pictures with unmatched quality. As a response, other smartphone companies like Apple managed to keep up or somehow raise the bar in terms of mobile camera features. The current flagship Apple smartphone the iPhone 5s was integrated with a faster, better camera with its enhanced built-in features like a continuous burst mode, larger sensor, resolution, and aperture, auto image stabilization, the True Tone flash, and a bunch of photo filters. Obviously, the competition is alive.

Oppo Find 7 Smartphone Well, one of the most sought after features of a smartphone is its camera; hence, it is but normal for manufacturers to come up with a flagship device that packs a cutting-edge camera. Perhaps, image resolution is just one factor in the overall ingenuity of a mobile camera, but we can never deny the fact that the more pixels there are, the clearer an image becomes. And this is what exactly what the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo had in mind when it decided to come up with the Find 7.

The Oppo Find 7 will be the first device of its kind to be incorporated with a camera that can snap 50-megapixel images. With that amount of pixel density, you will be able to see the finest ridges of a silver coin or the passersby on a busy street when you’re atop a hundred-meter skyscraper. The device achieves the 50-megapixel quality image by using a software to stitch together the best 4 images out of the 10 consecutive shots captured from a 13-megapixel Sony IMX214 CMOS sensor. As a result, you’ll have an amazing photo with clear detail.

The 50-megapixel quality may be the hallmark of the Oppo Find 7, but it most certainly doesn’t just end there; the Chinese-manufactured smartphone also packs the most powerful specs ever seen on a handheld device. Actually, same as with the strategy of Apple with its latest iPhone release, Oppo will be launching two variants of the Find 7: the fully-featured Find 7 to be made available in May or June and the more affordable Find 7a arriving earlier in April.

The more powerful version will boast a quad HD (2560 x 1440) display that is perfect for viewing the 50-megapixel shots you take. Moreover, it will be powered by a 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 3GB RAM and a 3,000mAh battery. With that power, you can be able to run even the most taxing of apps seamlessly. On the other hand, the more affordable version will feature a 1920 x 1080 display, 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM, and 2,800mAh battery. Both units will feature Gorilla Glass 3 and will run Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Storage space won’t be a problem because aside from the 32GB (Find 7) or 16GB (Find 7a) internal memory, both can be expanded up to 128GB with a media card. The former is expected to be retailed for $599, while the latter is expected to cost $499.

Smartphones are designed to fit a specific demographic of consumers, and if you are one among many who takes imaging seriously, then the Oppo Find 7 might just be your most awaited device. There’s no need of any mobile accessory to make this smartphone even better, for it is in itself an outstanding handheld device!

Could the HTC One M8 Be Your Mate?


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The blogosphere has been abuzzed with the release of HTC One M8. It is yet another smartphone that all techno-geeks could ogle about. Yet, do you think that the HTC One M8 has something to offer that could steal the limelight away from the Samsung Galaxy S5? Or in other words, could the HTC One M8 be actually your mate? Let’s find out if the HTC One M8 is better than the Samsung Galaxy S5 before you could match it up with accessories.

#1: The Build

1Evidently, the first thing you’d notice with the HTC One M8 before you could even get a hold on it is its appearance. This may not matter to everyone, yet there are plenty of people who actually appreciate the premium feel of the design. And I, for one, appreciate this eye-candy with its all metal body and brushed metal finish that goes along with its natural curves for a comfortable fit. This neat device sure is crafted to perform with the tricks up its sleeve.

#2: The Audio

2Now, who could forget the best of last year’s HTC One that is the BoomSound stereo speakers? This gem rolls out also with the HTC One M8 to continually satisfy all the audiophiles that aches for an audio with punch! You’ll definitely enjoy the dual front-facing HTC BoomSound speakers as they create an audio soundstage to amplify the audio experience and bring music and video to life—you need to plug your mobile earphones in to pick out the slightest noise in the mix!

#3: The Display

3The pristine HTC One M8 device also flaunts its glory through its screen display that has a true to life color quality. Vivid colors of the display could actually make one’s eyes spoiled as the HTC One M8 uses a slightly higher color range that is more accurate compared to the AMOLED display used in the Galaxy S5.

#4: The Camera

4If you’re a person who enjoys snagging out photos—and yes, the selfies—then, you can also relish yourselves with HTC One M8 duo camera that now has a refocus feature effect. Now, you can never lose focus as this pretty neat feature brings objects into focus, even on photos you’ve already taken! And if you’re more on shooting videos, then you can enjoy with the stunning quality of the recording with 12 different video themes to add sizzling effects!

So, which will it be? The Samsung Galaxy S5 or the HTC One M8?

iPhone 6: The New Addition To The Apple Family


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While Steve Jobs may have left the most famous Apple Company for good, Apple does not stop making iPhone die hard fans crave for more of the well-known smartphone. Apple continues Steve Jobs’ legacy in providing consumers a one-of-a-kind smartphone experience as rumours about the release of the anticipated Apple iPhone 6 has been a hot potato.

From a personal computer kit as their first product, now comes the Apple iPhone 6, Apple never failed to surprise and satisfy consumers with high-rolling features one smartphone can offer. Features are not the only thing an Apple iPhone can boast, but also its sophisticated style and portability.

Much has progressed when it comes to Apple iPhones. Starting from the Apple iPhone 1st generation, now Apple is set to welcome its new baby, the much talked about Apple iPhone 6. Rumours about the new Apple iPhone have spread like a wildfire. Previews, press releases, and all sorts of what-not have come to the attention of consumers. So what does the ever loyal users of Apple iPhones have to expect with the Apple iPhone 6?

iPhone 6 Concept One thing that sets apart Apple iPhones from other smartphones is its elegant physical appearance, so should we expect a change on its physicality? iPhones, especially the latest models have had their screen with just a bit of difference in their sizes. But could it be true that the much awaited Apple iPhone 6 will bear a much larger screen than the usual, and that Apple will release two versions of the Apple iPhone 6 with different sizes? Images have got about the net showing what could possibly be a larger screen and a thinner depth. That said, can we then bank on for Apple iPhone 6 to feast our eyes with brighter and clearer images with HD resolutions? Or could it just be one of the existing iPhones bearing almost the same screen size and resolutions?

Well, here’s another deal that will just make you think of switching to Apple iPhone 6, or not. Bizarre as it may sound, articles say that the Apple iPhone 6 will boast a screen made of Sapphire. Yes, you read that right. A screen made of Sapphire. Whilst having a screen made of Sapphire means a scratch resistant screen and a tougher one, having a Sapphire screen also has its cons. Sapphire is a lot heavier than the Gorilla Glass used with other smartphones and is environmentally unfriendly. Plus, it costs a lot more expensive than the usual materials used with the existing smartphone screens.

Now let’s come to what the Apple iPhone 6 has in store for us when it comes to its features. Everyone’s aware how Apple has helped people making lives a lot more convenient. So what could be another aid Apple can possibly give us? The iPhone 6 could possibly be geared up with its own barometer allowing people to monitor weather condition. Its camera as well is rumoured to have an upgrade. Front cameras will be having their censors as well.

Its Wi-Fi features will be upgraded too. Rumours spread that the iPhone 6 will have a faster WiFi with an increased coverage by up to 30%, plus making your iPhone power efficient.

So how about wireless charging? Now, that’s a lot more convenient. A little hearsay says that Apple is planning to introduce wireless charging starting with the iPhone 6. But wait, wireless charging isn’t the only thing new with the Apple iPhone 6. The said iPhone to be released was rumoured to have an Apple stylus which is definitely new for iPhone users given that the previous Apple products never had a stylus.

A lot of tittle-tattle has spread around the net relating to the release of the Apple iPhone 6 and all the cutting-edge features it could offer. Articles, press releases and rumours are indeed compelling and make you think of spending a lot of breads just to have one. But wait for the official release of the Apple iPhone 6 and maybe then you can decide if the entire buzz about it is palpable or just a mere hearsay, and think again if all the breads you are willing to spend for it will be worth it.

Which Cell phone Case Will Best Suit You?


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Cell Phone CoversYou have one of the latest mobile phones, and you can’t help but flaunt it. But you have thought that maybe it won’t hurt if you’ll add spice on it. You flipped your phone with every angle and pondered upon the idea on how to spice up your gizmo. And that tiny bulb of yours lit, and you blurted out–a phone case! You tried to surf the internet, streamed on each and every websites, peeked on every catalogs, but here’s the catch: everything seems great–leaving you indecisive. So, how should you know which cell phone case suits your phone? Here are some tips that might help you to hunt your best cell phone case:

1. First off, consider your budget. Of course, would you splurge cash you do not have? It’s important to check your pockets first, or you’ll be surprised on how big holes had gotten there. If you have the dough, then there might be no problem.

2. Make a habit of reading feedback. This is essential when you’re buying online. You should look for a company that gets great feedback. From there, you won’t have to dig more in to know if the items are good or not. What perks does it give in knowing the company’s reputation, you ask? You won’t be dissatisfied on the items you will buy, for you are well equipped with the feedback of the previous buyers of their products. It saves you time; it saves you money.

3. Know your style. There are various types of styles, and I’m pretty sure that you have your own. Choose what gives you tingling sensation of happiness and vivid feelings just by seeing the object. If you’re the type of person that is into gothic, of course would you buy bright colors? First, consider the colors that fit your personality. Then, choose the design that is more than meets the eye. How would you know that? Use your own judgment, not the salesperson, for they will use sugar-coated words just for you to buy their items.

4. Great in aesthetics, what about quality? Yes, you have an eye-catching case indeed, and with your excitement of showing it to your friends, it slipped through your hand, and bam! There goes your magnificent shattered case with your shattered heart, which brings you back to the first step. Is it worth the splurge? Don’t always go with the cheapest item, for sometimes, it compromises its quality. On a lighter note, having your all-new-case shattered would hurt more than splurging your cash just a little, wouldn’t it?

5. Never be satisfied without comparing. It’ll take a bit of your time, but don’t settle immediately on a cell phone case without even giving a glance on the other options. Or in the end, you will find yourself regretting on buying a case right away without considering other designs. Take time, and you’ll find real satisfaction on finding the finest cell phone case you’ve always wanted to have.

Well, that’s it for the tips that you need to know. Still want to jazz-up your phone more? You can also consider looking for accessories for mobile phones and jibe it with your all-new-perky cell phone case.

Turn Your iPhone 5s into a Stunning Defense Gun with the Yellow Jacket Case


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The world is full of thrills, excitement, and so as incapacitating dangers. Truly, the world is no longer a safe place to live in.  Gone are the days when you can wander around aimlessly in every street corner without worries. Nowadays, you have to be vigilant and on your guard in order to defeat or flee from the forces of evil—or merely the people who intend to do you harm.

Statistics around the U.S. shows that there is 1 property crime happening every 3 seconds, 1 burglary every 10 seconds, 1 violent crime every 20 seconds, 1 grave assault every 35 seconds, 1 robbery every minute, and 1 forcible rape every 2 minutes. With all these figures, safety is common no more. This is the very reason why learning self-defense or purchasing a reliable weapon to repel offenders is so essential. But not everybody is cut out to be a martial arts expert, so what the rest of us should do is to have something to defend us that is easy and safe to use.

When you’re in the flash of a dangerous, traumatic experience, the only form of defense is that which is within your reach. Seth Froom, president and co-founder of the Yellow Jacket, says, “Why not take the most common device a person carries—his smarphone—and combine it with a protective element?” Typical phone cases you find on the market only protect the phone itself, but wouldn’t it be great if it, too, can keep you out of harm’s way? Due to the ubiquitous nature of phones, you can be able to rely on them, but how? According to the CTIA, “Most smartphone users are never more than three (3) feet away from their phone.” This is why these handheld devices are considered the most potential source of defense when one needs it the most.

2 md

Whenever you stroll around the mall or browse in online stores for mobile accessories, you get to see a variety of stunning iPhone cases, but nothing else takes it literally than the Yellow Jacket Case. This case is made of a durable PC and ABS hard plastic material that can protect your phone from damage against cracks, breaks, and drops. Once its main feature is activated, it can deliver a loud, bright 650,000-volt stun gun that produces a painful sting directed to your attacker. The case has 2 safety features that can help you prevent accidental discharge, and yet the weapon can be deployed in an instant when you need it the most.

1 md

Not only does it promote your safety; it also increases the battery life of your device. The case packs a built-in 1800 mAh lithium polymer battery that can recharge your iPhone 5s when connected; it can virtually double the battery life of your device. This newly improved Yellow Jacket Case for the latest Apple flagship phone delivers 30 percent more stun gun voltage and amperage compared to the iPhone 4/4s model, which retails for $99. Due to the handful significant improvements made to the newer model, it is expected to cost $149, which will be launched in February 2014.

 3 md

The Yellow Jacket Case awesomely provides you with a 3 in 1 benefit. Once you have this on your iPhone 5s, you will find yourself with a stronger sense of security than if you are completely unarmed, whether you’re outdoors or within the comforts of your own home. Protect your phone and your life with the Yellow Jacket Case.